Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Three weeks out. Probably I'm too busy to commit myself to writing much or often, but it's best to start at the begining and so this is the prelude- or finale- to the last year in a decade of travels. In 23 days I will spend my final night in Bishkek, my home since September 05, in the country of Kyrgyzstan where I've lived since September 04. Thereafter I'll be propelled by jet and momentum, across the continent across the ocean, to Boston to wish my mother a happy day on her 80th happy birthday, (as my little first graders call the annual anniversary of earth entry) and back. Upon returning, I will no longer be tethered to job, organization or flat, but bound by bicycle and boy to the classic Asian holiday- cycling the high remote land of nomads and pilgrims. A trip I've dreamed about for years and have now the great fortune to step into.

Life has led me to this point and it took only recognizing the arrival of the right time and the willingness to find myself in the right place. I am here with the gear, the time, the funds, the strength (I hope), the desire, the plan, and the sin qua non, the companion. In just a few short weeks, when we meet in the London Airport Heathrow for the first time, we will be on our way to mutual support and individual fulfillment as we set out to meet the world on our way to the Kingdom of Nepal.

So, who is this companion, the unnamed cyber buddy? When we finally meet at LHR, we will have the first chance to find out how close our impressions of each other have been to the real characters only represented by the photos and emails exchanged over the previous 20 weeks. We've somehow managed to convince ourselves that we will be a compatible team, able to solve problems as they arise, easily make amicable decisions, and mutually support each other to the conclusion of our quest.


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